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Growth Partners Benefit:

The HBA of Jackson has been working with our exclusive, private partner, Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) to helpour members reach maximum growth and potential through their one of a kind BPA Process. This has been refined forover 10 years of working exclusively with Builders, Remodelers & HBA Associate Members.


As an exclusive HBA of Jackson member benefit, we are offering you the chance to register for and redeem your 2022 Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions. An annual BPA is included 100% with your HBA of Jackson Member Benefits (A $4,200 value).  Click on the Flyer graphic for more info and to redeem this benefit.













Are you taking Full advantage of your HBA Meijer Discount?

Meijer has teamed up with the HBA of Michigan to present you with a 10% Off General Merchandise through mPerks.  Here is how it works:

1. Sign up for mPerks at www.mperks.com unless you already have an account.

2. Register your mPerks phone on the MHBA Website – Click here.

3. Log in to your mPerks account at the beginning of each quarter to clip the new coupon. Click “coupons” then “categories and special offers’ to access the coupon. It will have the HBAM logo on it.

The next Registration deadline is June 6, 2022 to receive 10% off general merchandise for the third quarter of 2022.  As long as you register on the MHBA site before that deadline you will have a coupon available to clip on July 1, 2022 Tip: Set a reminder on your phone to clip the coupon each quarter.

Please note that when you sign up for the discount, your registration will continue to be included in the next quarterly discount registration with an active membership.  If you have any questions, please contact Diana Dixon at diana@hbaofmichigan.com.